(This is) What happens when a thing is maintained (?), Part I

DARE-DARE centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire, Montreal, Quebec
Viger Square (West), between Berri & St-Denis and between St-Antoine & Viger,
Agora (1983) designed by Charles Daudelin
September 9 – October 16, 2004

The piece consisted of three towers built with 1500 hollow beeswax bricks. The towers were exposed to the elements – natural and social – each of which impacted the stability of the towers causing them to slump or fall over. Over the six-week installation, regular maintenance was applied to rebuild the towers. As the continual deterioration destroyed the bricks, the towers became shorter until there was only one small tower and a large pile of broken brick pieces. The exposed nature of the project allowed for interaction with the public including a group of itinerants who also lived in the park. Initially hostile towards the work, their attitude transformed into active maintenance and voluntary security.