Wanderer: (re)Marking

June 15 – 25, 2017
Part of LandMarks2017|Repères2017 a Canada 150 Signature Project, created by Partners in Art and presented by TD.
Curated by Véronique Leblanc

Photo: Paul Litherland

Photo: Alexis Bellavance

Photo: Alexis Bellavance

The Wanderer: (re)Marking considers the Lachine Canal as an entity, seen through the eyes and actions of The Wanderer, a character created by the artist Douglas Scholes. Scholes embodies the Wanderer while performing a series of walks and interventions within the Lachine Canal National Historic Site. These acts respond to the environment, the history and the current and imagined realities of the canal. The Wanderer walks, picking up rubbish as a routine maintenance activity, drawing attention to objects and places on the Canal including bollards, water, structural vestiges, train tracks, and construction sites, revealing the hidden changes.

Scholes’ actions, performed over four seasons, were recorded to produce videos, in collaboration with Les Best Boys, and a series of photographs that reveal a narrative about the Wanderer’s presence on the Canal. Beeswax sculptures of bollards and buoys installed along and in the Canal as ephemeral (re)markers refer to notions of habitat, community and labour establishing a relationship between nature and culture in a landscape marked by the coursing of water, of work and of industry.

To further reveal the layers and voices of the Canal, Scholes invited several contributors: composers Atobop, writer Daniel Canty, sound artist Christian Carrière, and visual artist Felicity Tayler who have created, respectively, a musical piece in five movements, a book, a soundscape, and an alternative tourist map of the canal.

This project, organized by curator Véronique Leblanc, is part of LandMarks2017|Repères2017, a nation-wide project produced by Partners in Art, bringing together five curators, 12 artists, 16 universities, and a number of local communities to create in situ artworks that have been presented in and around Parks Canada sites from June 10 to June 25, 2017, at the time of the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. To find out more about the program and the event: landmarks2017.ca.

Véronique Leblanc is an independent curator and author. She is interested in context- and process-based practices and in the connections made among art, ethics, and politics.

Wanderer: (re)Marking exhibition events:
May 23 – Oct. 1 La Maison Le Ber-Le Moyne, Musée de Lachine – Satellite exhibition
June 7 – Aug. 12 Centre culturel et communautaire Henri-Lemieux, borough of LaSalle – Satellite exhibition
June 12 – Aug. 20 Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay, South-West borough, Montréal – Satellite exhibition
June 15 – 25 Exhibitions in four shipping containers installed along the Lachine Canal:
1) Promenade Smith at Wellington St
2) L’Îlot Charlevoix near Atwater Market
3) LaSalle Coke Crane
4) Lock no. 5, Lachine
June 15 Outdoor screening at DARE-DARE artist-run center of the film Wanderer: (re)Marking | le flâneur : (re)marquer
June 17 Official inauguration with the artist, the contributors, the curator and representatives from Partners in Art, Parks Canada and TD Bank at exhibition container no.2 – Îlot Charlevoix
June 18 Boat concert – the compositions from Pieces for Five Locks performed live by Atobop from Lock no. 1 in the Old Port of Montreal to parc René Lévesque, Lachine – 14.5 km
June 20 Night Walk with the Wanderer from parc René Lévesque in Lachine at sunset to Windmill Point in the Old Port of Montreal at sunrise – 8 hours. 14.5 km
June 22 Outdoor screening of video works by artists from Landmarks2017 | Repères2017, presented in collaboration with Manœuvres and Ateliers créatifs Montréal at the Promenade Smith
June 25 Day Walk with the Wanderer from Windmill point in the Old Port of Montreal to parc René Lévesque, Lachine. 14.5 km

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