‘In the Dust of this Planet’, June 2022

June 2022
Residency project part of La Timidité des Cîmes (see below)
Sept Îles, QC

‘In the Dust of this Planet’*, is an on-going project reflecting on the collection of things, the accumulation of stuff found in the various back rooms, workshops, and storage houses where objects with pending value and utility form the aggregate, the dust of this planet.

*”In the Dust of this Planet [Horror of philosophy vol. 1]” by Eugene Thacker. Zero Books. 2011******

RESIDENCY EVENT: June 26, Sunday
Me and Atelier de la 8e Île invite you to walk the dunes on the banks of the St-Lawrence River. Meeting point: former Curling Club 20, rue Commerciale, Moisie. Time: 5 pm
I’m asking for your participation to animate a selection of paintings from a local collection by walking them through the dunes. This walk will be documented through photographs and video. An example of paintings moving through the landscape can be seen here.

The exhibition draws on works produced through various wandering projects since 2012.

Paintings in Action, Bob Ross Orange, 2022
Paintings in Action, Priest, 2022

La Timidité des Cîmes
Série : Village de La Pointe De Moisie.
For John G.Atelier de la 8e Île, Pointe-de-Moisie
13 juin 2022
Artistes : Marie-Claude Hains, Douglas Scholes, Thomas Bégin aka Bill Clintwood
Commissaire : Eric Mattson

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