Rubbish Replicas

Marché solidaire Frontenac – Métro Frontenac – Montréal, Québec
Péristyle Nomade – Unité mobile (art et verdissement)
July 2015
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Rubbish replicas was a live casting and exchange activity at the Frontenac metro station, Montréal. A performance of live casting produced beeswax rubbish replicas from silicone and plaster molds with the help of the rotocaster and in so aroused a curiosity for the process of mold making and beeswax casting which in turn created an attentiveness toward the state of cleanliness of the public space revealing the change individuals can make when offered to exchange services-for-object, and art as instrument of change. The beeswax replicas were offered in exchange for a small bag of rubbish collected from the local streets and alleyways. More than 30 bags of rubbish were collected, then sorted and disposed of.