Flea Market in Wax

August 2 – 8, 2021
Project is part of / Le projet s’inscrit dans le cadre de LA BIENNALE BARACHOIS IN SITUÉvénement de création en plein air
3e ÉDITION | VILLAGE/PAYSAGE Barachois (Percé, Gaspésie)

Flea Market in Wax is an exploratory installation of the ubiquitous unseen objects that promiscuously populate our environments, those things from the discard culture that contribute to defining the Anthropocene. With a revitalizing/restorative coat of beeswax, locally sourced discarded objects once filled with meaning and function are the terrible beauties on offer at the roadside retail outlet Flea Market in Wax as part of the Biennial Barachois In Situ 2021.

The Flea Market in Wax is located at 1084 Route 132, across from the Magasin Général Thompson in Barachois, Quebec. Hours are Monday, August 2, to Sunday, August 8, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Throughout the installation, images of the revitalized waxed objects will be added to my Instagram and Facebook.

Proceeds will be donated to the French and English schools in Barachois.

Outdoor wax station
Figurines Waxed
Waxed objects ready for the sale
More items
Orange Cat, $10

Special Thanks
  Special thanks to Adrien Colin, whose collection of materials and objects I culled to provide the things for the Flea Market in Wax during the Biennale Barachois In Situ 2021. Mr. Colin is the local postmaster delivering mail to the region’s homes, a school bus driver and collector of those things with value for the right person. He has the self-appointed charge of reducing the accumulated discarded materials from the landfill through his innate and intuitive understanding of the value inherent in the things we discard.

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