conversations in isolation

Titre français :  conversations isolées 

Conversations in isolation is a contemplative banter, a silent review working through boredom, chores, plans and questions, by way of the banal, the mundane and the ordinary. Time passes. Exchanges between a father and son, reflecting on nothing and everything. A short film captured within the Great Pause, echoes the ubiquitous character of conversations that unfold when life’s busy-ness falls away.

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The project started as a simple film project to work on during the first lockdown of the spring 2020. Douglas and Jaden captured moments of conversations and shared activities on film. Jaden brought the footage to a friend and editor Marie-Pier Grignon who pieced together the narrative. Zach Scholes composed original music peppered throughout and completed the final sound mix at Concrete Studios. Daniel Canty translated the dialogue and Clara-Elizabeth Kaiser-Castonguay input the subtitles. Laurie Lamoureux Scholes took on the roll of producer bringing all the pieces together and continues to work with Spira Quebec.

We are happy to announce that the film has been added to the catalogue of films distributed by Spira Quebec with plans to participate in the 2021 film festival circuit.

Distribution by Spira Quebec

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