Casting with Beeswax


The original found object is transformed through the mould making process into a beeswax replica, becoming a hollow representation. Changing the material of an object reveals its form and changes its appreciated value. The beeswax replicas are used as both subtle markers of the change performed during walks and interactions and as an object for exchange that provides a point of entry for discussion about the condition of things and by extension the sublime and the pragmatic aesthetic.


Beeswax, bees, and beehives are metaphors for community, social structures, and communal labour. As a necessity, bees make wax and use it to build structures that provide the hive with protection and storage; in short it is the physical support for assuring the continued existence of the hive. Beeswax serves both poetic and functional aspects of my work. The wax gives has good tensile strength when warm making it malleable and able to take on forms through the casting process. It’s an inert material with no harmful impact on the environment.