Daniel Canty, writer

photo credit: Alexis Bellavance

Mademoiselle Manivelle
by Daniel Canty
drawings by Baptiste Alchourroun
design by l’Atelier Mille Mille

In a future Montreal, Mademoiselle Manivelle has inherited the archaic title of Inspector of Roads, a mandate under which she must see to the harmony of the living beings and surging waters the length of the canal. We find her one fine Sunday, a day of rest that she hoped to spend strolling, slipping into the light of day. She doesn’t yet know that, in the darkness of the old sewers, something is being born. A black bud is preparing its slow climb from Lachine to the Old Port. Before the day ends, it will seek to meld with the materials in suspension in these storied waters. The citizens of the future have given this phenomenon, which scares them as much as a monster in a folk tale, the childish name Gloupe, as if this would temper the fear it provokes in them. Only Mademoiselle Manivelle can put it to rest once again.

Daniel Canty is a writer, etc. He grew up in Lachine, near the Canal’s oldest mouth. His latest books are L’été opalescent, a speculative novel published as an art book, and Mappemonde, an autofictive essay where he dwells on the suburban origins of universal literature.

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Mademoiselle Manivelle