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A pedestrian trace

A pedestrian trace, July 23 to August 8, 2017
TruckStop, a collaborative project between Centre CLARK (Montréal) and l’Œil de Poisson (Québec City)
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In this performance, the artist – The Wanderer – will trace a line over the course of about 15 days starting from Centre CLARK in Montréal to l’Œil de Poisson in Quebec City, following close to AutoRoute 20 without being on the highway. At the end of each day, he will stop where his wanderings will leave him.

Pedestrian has a sense of common, everyday, ordinary, which are some commonly held notions about moving between Montréal and Québec City. It’s often about getting to the destination rather than the journey. To be a pedestrian is to walk, a shared act, part of a common history, even when performed alone. To walk between two cities today is only done in the rarest of instances, if at all. A resistance to walking is on the rise, certainly, with the increase of motorized modes of transport, the desire to go farther in less time has become commonplace. Taking time to walk and to encounter the world one foot at a time is a contrast to the quickness of contemporary life and offers the chance to see things that are not commonly witnessed.

The Wanderer’s voyage will be during the Construction holidays (July 22 to August 6, 2017). You can follow his journey of about 15 days on At the end of the walk, the work – incarnated by the Wanderer – will be returned to Montréal by way of Fero Transport, a company specializing in the transportation of art.

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